ActronAir Perth

Proudly servicing all Perth suburbs.

ActronAir: Australia’s largest local air conditioner brand from RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning

ActronAir design and build air conditioners to excel in Australian conditions, and RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning is a proud official dealer of their quality products. ActronAir's energy-efficient, reliable, and long-lasting products combine stylish design with easy to use interfaces. They work as good as they look!

ActronAir's huge product range

All of ActronAir's products are designed and built here in Australia, offering advanced air conditioning systems for our unique climate. The Actron range includes:

  • Ducted Air Conditioning
    Heat or cool your entire home with a premium system.

  • Split System Air Conditioning
    Heat or cool a single room with an attractive Actron unit.

  • Multi Split Air Conditioning
    Heat or cool multiple rooms with simple controls, including touch screens and mobile apps

  • Cassette Air Conditioning
    Actron's solution for discrete heating or cooling for small areas.

  • Commercial Ducted Air Conditioning
    Customise your commercial air conditioner to specifically fit the needs of your business.

Why choose ActronAir?

RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning is proud to partner with a company that loves to push the possibilities of efficiency, performance, and reliability. The result? Australia’s best air conditioners. ActronAir is a proudly Australian company that has designed and built world-class air conditioning technology since 1984.

All of their units are tougher, smarter, more efficient and more reliable, so they can handle whatever weather conditions Perth throws at us. No matter what is going on outside, your home or workplace will enjoy the perfect temperature with ActronAir and RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning.

Find the perfect Actron system for you at RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning today

As a certified ActronAir dealer, RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning has access to their full range of units, with the specified knowledge to ensure they are installed properly. As a result, we can help you choose from the finest systems on the market to ensure the perfect solution for your space. Combine that with over 15 years of air con installation experience, and you have an efficient and affordable way to create the perfect temperature.

08 7079 4682 for a no-obligation Perth air conditioning quote today! Our knowledgeable team can run you through the ActronAir range to help find the best unit for your budget and needs. You'll be in pure comfort in no time at all!

Serving Perth CBD and surrounding suburbs
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