Air Conditioning Installation Perth

  • Cool your home efficiently: A new air conditioner will help you save money on your energy bills.
  • Improve your indoor air quality: A new air conditioner will remove dust, pollen, and other allergens from your air..
  • Enjoy a more comfortable home: A new air conditioner will help you stay cool and comfortable all year long

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Are you renovating or building a new home or workspace? RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning will ensure your whole area is entirely comfortable.

Be it the replacement of a pre-existing central air conditioning system or the installation of a completely new system, RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning can find you a cost-effective and reliable solution that will ensure an ideal temperature year-round.

Whether installing a system from our high-quality brand partners or a third party product, we offer a quality guarantee that gives you total peace of mind.

RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning residential and commercial installations

For any kind of property, from a growing family home to an expanding Perth business, RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning can create a solution that will suit you.

Renovated unit or apartment? No problem. With over 20 years of experience, the RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning team offers expert advice on every aspect of your air conditioning installation requirements. By having consistent systems across the property, you will enjoy simple, easy-to-use air control, no matter what is happening outdoors.

Let our team work with your builder

We understand that your installation is possibly part of a bigger build or renovation, which can be stressful and complicated. The RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning can liaise with builders and other trade teams to lower this stress for you, working out the best solution for the overall project. 

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and work hard to make sure your project timelines and deliverables remain intact.

Why choose RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning for your installation?

The team at RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning draws from over 20 years of experience in air conditioning. We've handled re-installs and installations of completely new units many times over this period. 
Our highly qualified tradespeople have the expertise to guarantee a reliable service across the following requirements: 

  • Reverse cycle system air conditioning
  • Indoor units
  • Split system air conditioning
  • Evaporative air conditioning
  • Inverter air
  • Ducted air conditioning
  • And more

By trusting a professional team like the one at RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning during your installation stage, you access our knowledge during your planning and design phase. Implement the right system from the beginning with our help, saving costly potential changes down the track.

Air conditioner installation frequently asked questions

Why do we need professional installation?
Understanding which of the many options available will be right for your space is crucial. This depends on many factors, such as the orientation of the space, window sizes, and ceiling insulation. With help from a professional team like the one at RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning, you can ensure that you get it right, ensuring everything will be adequately heated or cooled. 

How do I know when to replace my existing system?
An air conditioner that has not been maintained may require replacement over repair. Understanding this before spending money on significant repairs for a dated system is important. When we put together your no-obligations quote, we'll consider both options, and provide pricing for replacement and repair, so you have all the necessary information to make the right decision.

How do I choose the right air conditioner to efficiently cool/heat my property?
With the right curtains and blinds on windows and reasonable temperature settings, there are many units that will do a sufficient job. This approach also helps you save a significant amount of energy. Our skilled technicians can assess your space making professional recommendations to find a unit that is within your budget and capable of keeping your space comfortable.

The right installation for your complete peace of mind

When installing a new air conditioning system, you want reliability, an easy process, and something that won't break the bank. We check all three of those boxes at RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning Perth, offering the finest aircon installation Perth wide.

Ask us today about ducted air, reverse cycle split systems or any other installation you may require in the world of air conditioners. Simply call 08 7079 4682 to speak to one of our experts. We'll put together a no-obligation quote and design plan so you can see how easy organising your home or workplace's comfort can be. Let's get started today!

Serving Perth CBD and surrounding suburbs
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