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Sweating your way through the summer? Switch to the premium ducted experience today!

If you want consistent cool throughout your whole home, a ducted air conditioning system from RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning is the way to go. Our ducted aircon in Perth is guaranteed to boost your comfort levels! 

Our skilled team has over 20 years of experience in ducted air installations, so you'll have peace of mind knowing the job is done properly!

Why choose a ducted system?

We love split systems, but they only offer control over the room or zone in which they are installed. That means an effective cool or warmth often requires closing off that area to maximise the system's effectiveness. This doesn't work for everyone, especially those with homes or workplaces configured to suit open plan living. It can also be impractical and costly to put a split system in every room.

Ducted air conditioning offers the ability to cool the whole house or workplace at the touch of a button. It has a central unit that pumps air through a system of ducts to vents. This removes the need to open and close doors or shut off certain areas to keep the temperature down. A ducted air conditioning system from RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning Perth means being able to lower or raise the temperature discreetly throughout your space.

Ducted air is cheaper than you might think

If the above sounds expensive to run, think again. The initial outlay is higher for ducted air conditioning, but it can save you money in the long run.

You only need to worry about one installation and servicing and maintenance cost as opposed to multiples if you have separate split units. You also don't have to worry about unnecessarily cooling rooms that you’re not using. Ducted air conditioning can be ‘zoned’ to shut off cooling or heating where you don’t need it. 

It's also important to note that all ducted air conditioners in Australia now comply with Minimum Energy Performance Standards, so you have guaranteed efficiency!

Improve your aesthetics with a ducted system

A ducted air conditioner is far less visually intrusive than a split system. The cooling unit is out of sight, ducts are concealed, and nothing more than some vents are present in your home. Think of an iceberg with only the smallest fraction visible!

Installing ducted air conditioning is an affordable way to make your property more valuable, especially in Perth, where the temperature can get very hot! You can't beat ducted air conditioning.

Go ducted with RCD Electrical & Air Conditioning installations today

Your ducted system is easy with RCD who will handle the whole air con installation process for you. We have access to the finest systems on the market and over 20 years of installation experience. We offer an efficient and affordable service that gives you complete peace of mind when finished.

Ask our loyal customers about the quality work and efficient solutions we provide. They've left us some very real and very lovely Google reviews to prove that we care about the work we do! 

If you are ready to make the switch to ducted air, call
08 7079 4682 for a chat about your future system and a no-obligation quote today!

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